Free DJ scratch samples and Clips in MP3 Format. Offer for anyone who wants a free sound library for scratching with any digital scratching capable device (serato dj,scratch live,rekordbox, etc.) classic sounds for scratching,It’s all free to download.

DJ scratch training reference video

3 Basic Scratches | Watch And Learn | Scratch DJ Academy

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DJ Scratch classic and basic samples pack

Scratch samples of the royal road that have been used since ancient times.

Create marker points on the DJ software and use them.

good source of scratch part 1
good source of scratch part 2
good source of scratch part 3
good source of scratch part 4

Basic DJ Scratch 11 Samples

This is convenient if you wish to download the scratch samples individually.

scratch 01
scratch 02
scratch 03
scratch 04
scratch 05
scratch 06
scratch 07
scratch 08
scratch 09
scratch 10
scratch 11

Breaks and Beats loop

Use this beat to practice DJ scratch. You can also practice beat juggling.

Breaks and Beats loop 01
Breaks and Beats loop 02
Breaks and Beats loop 04

92 Bpm Loop material

Here, the sound material is divided by the same BPM. It will be helpful for stage production and beat making.

Drum loop 92 bpm
Flute loop 92 bpm
Pizzicato loop 92 bpm

Ready to DJ scratch? Samples that can support your DJ performance are available here. And practice. We look forward to hearing your DJ performances and sounds at the club and stage.

Thank you.